Oboe Resources

As I come across new works, recordings, extended technique resources, and anything else that catches my fancy, I will write about it here.

January 2015:

CIRCULAR BREATHING AND FLUTTER TOUNGUING: Jacqueline LeClair, master oboist and friend, offers tutorials about these two techniques on her website:  www.nuoboe.com

REPERTOIRE: OBOE AND ELECTRONICS: "Labyrinth Meditations" by Clay Mettens.  Here's a live performance from April of 2014, masterfully performed by Erin Lansing: https://soundcloud.com/david-clay-mettens/labyrinthmeditations/s-sHQ08  This is a cool piece which uses extended techniques very musically.  If you want to contact the composer, here's his website: www.mettensmusic.com

WONDERFUL WILD AND CRAZY OBOE TRIO CDS:  Threeds is an oboe trio based in New York City.  They have recorded two CDs, and both use extended techniques in a few of their pieces. "Unraveled" and "Palette".  http://www.threedsoboetrio.com  I love how Kathy Halverson integrates a few ex techs into her solos on pieces such as their cover of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition."  Mark Snyder and Katie Scheele are the other fine and adventurous oboists.  Disclaimer: When their recording of Zappa's "Peaches and Regalia" was too nice, they invited me to add a few tracks of raving oboe honks.  The result is on their Palette CD.

REPERTOIRE: DOUBLE REED ENSEMBLE: Jeff Perry, Professor at LSU and dear friend, wrote a tres cool piece for double reed ensemble, "Anatid Overture."  It's for two oboes, English horn, and two bassoons.  No extended techniques, but quite a groove.  Here's a finale mockup:  https://soundcloud.com/jeff-perry-5/anatid-overture-052014?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=email

If you want a score, contact Jeff at jperry@lsu.edu