2015        Trillium J, music by Anthony Braxton, Braxton House (CDs and DVD)

2014       Palette, Threeds Oboe Trio, guest artist on Zappa track, “Peaches en Regalia”

2012       Life Field, music by David Rosenboom, Tzadik

                 The Eleanor Hovda Collection, music by Hovda, Innova Records

2007       Thousand Year Dreaming, by Annea Lockwood (re-release), Pogus Records

2006       Brainwave Music, music by David Rosenboom, EM Records

                 Tell the Birds, music by Eve Beglarian, New World Records

2001        Dark Waters, music by Ingram Marshall, New Albion

2000       Trillium R, music by Anthony Braxton, Braxton House

1999         Human Gestures, music by Scott Lindroth, CRI, Emergency Music

1998         Ensemble (New York) 1995, music by Anthony Braxton, Braxton House

                  Tunnel Funnel, music by Daniel Goode, Tzadik

                  Ariadne's Lament, music by Mary Jane Leach, New World Records

1997         Coastal Traces, music by Eleanor Hovda, OO Discs

1996         Surf Music Again, music by Jack Vees, CRI

                  Common Sense, CRI

1995         Aerial No. 6, solo piece by Mary Jane Leach, Non Sequitur

1994         Inside the Dance of the Rain, music performed by 5th Species, Artifacts

1993         Thousand Year Dreaming, by Annea Lockwood, ?What's Next?

1993         Byzantium (solo part in title piece), by Christos Hatzis, Centrediscs