"the double reed queen of the new music world."   - Hartford Courant

"blowing a fresh breeze through contemporary music"   - CBC Radio "Music Around Us"

"...Two first rate performers. Libby Van Cleve's oboe virtuosity ranges from amazingly long sustained notes to frolicsome aural curlicues. Jack Vees's guitar produces a fantastic turbulent sounds that is nothing less than music coming to a boil."   - The New York Times

"Libby Van Cleve...performs it gorgeously on this recording...fluidly and with emotion, and the effect is beautiful."   - Computer Music Journal

"Van Cleve played against digitally manipulated recordings of her own playing, and the effect was astounding... eerie and chilling, transporting and evocative."   - New Haven Register

Libby has "broken that mold (of the traditional oboist) most delightfully in many performances...."   - WNYC Radio, New York

"The oboe playing by Libby Van Cleve cast a slow spell."   - The Buffalo News

"It's worth spinning this disc at high volume just to see your neighbors come running, expecting bloodshed, when band two, Shenai Sky, suddenly blurts out with a high, unearthly wail.  That's Libby Van Cleve, playing an Indian shenai, and providing a pungent voice..." - The Village Voice

"Van Cleve switched from oboe to English horn as easily as if she were passing the salt and pepper, but the music she gave us was often as exotic as saffron from the Middle East."   - The Newhall Signal

"Expertly played"   - The Washington Post 

"dazzling…"   - The San Francisco Chronicle

"soulful…"   - The Village Voice

"sheer virtuosity . . . Libby Van Cleve can do unbelievable things with that instrument."   - Maine Sunday Telegram

"extraordinary in [her] expressive playing.  This is an impressive disc, full of power and wonder.   - American Record Guide

"make(s) you wonder why you don't hear more woodwind music"   - CBC Radio "Two New Hours"